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An Earlier Civilization On Earth

After collapse an earlier civilization on Earth remain only few who decide to fly from Earth.

This have happen more than 30 000 years ago by yours system of chronology, but already on these time inhabitants of Earth have develop material science what was in some respects higher than yours present one is.

They followed the law of nature in that place of to set against each to other as your present science do. Their laws of science were simpler, but they carry out things what you can’t at present time. Also they don’t recognize absolute necessity balanced grow spiritual and social worth. They must grow at same speed as development of material science.

Two nations of these time standing opposite. Dissonance between two nations arises from year to year when destructive war occurred. One nation uses against another pure weapon of energy which destruction power was many time higher than nuclear weapon, which menace nations, as at present time.

The war has not victor they only destroy each other. Remain only few and irradiation was higher than man cannot endure this. It doesn’t means, that all who remain, die immediately from irradiation, but it means that appear a lot of mutations from the transform of biological functions what appear on following generations and for the end they live as animals.

On a plateau of high level, where is present time is Tibet, sat six their spaceships with a crew. They had deliberation what to do or elsewhere may do somewhat.

Made a proposal to reach an another planet. The spaceships of this time were able to move in the atmosphere of Earth about pair hundreds miles above surface. But they never haven’t reached an another planets and crew of spaceships is not sure that it will be success.

Planet, what you at present know as Mars, was at this time on conjunction with Earth. Temperature, atmosphere, water and other condition at this time were more suitable for living as your astronomers know they are at present time.

Made voting and crews of fourth spaceships decide to reach on planet Mars to preserve a part culture of mankind.

Remained decide for the high level of this plateau where they were and for low intensiveness of irradiation settle not to suffer under mutation itself and next generations.

Among human this time exist parity of sex and at this meeting participate both sex parts almost on equal relations. From among four spaceships get planet Mars three. About another one doesn’t exist any writing.

It require whole of their energy manage during several generations fight for life. It was a dusky time for human and about it doesn’t exist any writing.

In any case at once after arrive onto new planet have to write carefully human time on planet Earth with describe catastrophe with occasion. In a course of time have kept this writing. It knows as “Great Lesson” for caution to all. After survival material science develop to take into consideration past offence on right relation spiritual and social science. They found that all three branches of science base the same natural science and to understand they have developed high.

Now they are essential not dependent from planets. Some of their spaceships are very big by yours measure. They are many times bigger than yours biggest ships. Into these spaceships they can do all for their necessaries of life and comfort. While the matter of energy has been solved for them to land on planets is unnecessary except for material to create new ones. It takes little time and vexation for their needs. For this case they may more of their energy to devote for help these communions who doesn’t live through the critical point yet.

Present civilization on planet Earth doesn’t pass this critical point yet, but philosophers there have give for people much direction, branches of science, to take right course for people, to lead them to recognize the absolute necessity of this course.

Human hasten bounded eyes to abyss then is needed big strain to ward off from peril. Remove bond from eyes no more any hindrance to turn oneself voluntary.

In your Bible a lot of facts what God revealed on menace to contsentrate on material science.

In the first book of your Bible is story about the tower of Babel, about inhabitants of Earth, who have lost from eyes spiritual science and by their hand make to reach to God.

Trial finish by miscarry and chaos as always by these trial.

Spiritual and social sciences develop of one’s own when substantial necessity of this development is comprehensible to everyone.

Spiritual science research relationship human to God. Social science research relationship human to human.

Incessant development of these three sciences both together is direct endeavour to better comprehension.

In your Bible have said the greatest commandment of all the commandments is … “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength”. Translation from primary writing should be: “ You aspire to comprehension”. When human comprehend the God faultlessly follow lowing.

There is a saying: “ When you speak as angels not to comprehend what you speak then you are as copper what sound”. Words don’t have authentic sense not to comprehend what speak.

Your Bible teaches, love your neighbour as yourself and forgive to you enemy. Human comprehend neighbour, they don’t ever enemies to one another. To comprehend neighbour itself in his condition to see things as he do. It is difference between knowing and comprehension. Knowing lie in head however seat of comprehension is heart.

An important occasion recuire at present world to comprehend between people of nations. Contracts, agreements and guarantees between governments don’t have worth not to comprehend between people.

World have net to transmit rapidly news by radio, television, Internet. To use these much more for disseminate comprehension between people.

These radio- and TV stations exist which disseminate comprehension, but these are too less and there are too much propaganda. To press upon only one-sided aspect to other for behaviour.

What to recognize that all yours need, wishes, hopes and anxiety practically the same. To recognize this you have fundamentals to create the integral society about what politicians voluble speak.

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