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Atlantis was not the older culture on the Earth.

Planetary helpers were on the Atlantis. They were from different worlds and in the course of time occurred competition for the authority for guarantee advantage.

At this time live on the Earth high spirits, who easily moved between different spiritual planes. They got wrong ideas and they began to wish to arrange activity themselves.

These helpers knew how to use cosmic energy. Not against themselves, but against aborigines who were in bondage.

Atlantis became a famous centre where were the groups of helpers who pursued oneís activities on the planet.

Atlantis was also point of support for various beings. Aborigines of planet had by oneself and help for them had not gone, so said him forgot.

On the centre of Atlantis were lot of places of service of God and different centres for trade.

There were different research centres to research the genetic of man. There they tested and tried to develop universal beings who would be able to work weak of will for another worlds.

There were holiday resorts which werenít used as holiday resorts, but as places to make plans and decisions against God.

There were servants of God from nations of Earth, but they were dismissed, because they talked about Father of God and about his will to the priests.

They who had power and knowledge to use cosmic energy pursue oneís activities to frighten others.

At least true servants Father of God turned themselves to the God with prayer to put an end to this mad insane, but advice drop down and the principle of plan didnít fulfilled.

Very many made pursue of these knowledge oneís activities and took flight before final catastrophe.

The plan to demolish Atlantis into its preliminary form fell through because about it got to know. Many took flight anywhere, including these people, who had secret knowledge. They took it with them to pursue it elsewhere for oneís activities. Now this knowledge was in a dispersed condition and not complete.

This knowledge existing through time but dispersed at different places.

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