Information from Cosmos

For The Beginning

During last fifty years, as many readers know, newspapers, magazines, radio and television have revealed a lot of announcements about seeing large numbers of various objects usually in the atmosphere but sometimes on the surface. Their nature and activity doesnít match known any of your known aircraft.

To many people these objects are unknown still. Among those are these who, despite a lot of evidence, declare dogmatically that these kind of objects donít exist.

Some famous scientists after perfunctory investigation discard these objects as unimportant. A lot of others discard these with no investigation at all.

On another side are a lot of people whose numbers increase continuously, who have great interest and understanding of the importance of this kind of visits. It gives these people vigour and patience. They wish to collect data and investigate all sightings very accurately. For these people there are three facts without any doubt:

Firstly, these objects DO exist.

Secondly, they are from outer space and more over that, what you perceive on the Earth.

Thirdly, that they are under the control of intelligence or intellect, which is noticeably more than yours, though you do not always understand their intent or follow their course of action.

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