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Planetary Transformations

Among planetary transformations are geological modifications, which we may find many examples of today.

Continents and borderlands have been shifted already. For example in Japan there have been more than a hundred earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of different magnitude lately. All this indicates the shifting process. Earthquakes and destructions on the western coast of the continent of North America indicate these geological modifications, not to speak of the shifting continental plateau in Europe.

The changing of the geographical map of the planet may seem to increase in impetus, but if it effected over a long time, then this process is going unnoticed.

The rise of energy field or vibration of the planet Earth makes mass lighter and bigger. In connection with this, new continents will be seen and Atlantis, which at one time disappeared, will rise. Weather changes, the number of continents and their position relative to each other will change and magnetic poles will be shifted into new positions and conditioned by this. For example Finland will move into a milder climatic zone as compared to the present climatic zone.

Earth poles will shift 36o (degrees) and when transformations take place suddenly, they will be tremendous. After all the shifting of Earth poles will be quietly and slowly. When the planet arises and changes its speed of rotation, then the corrections will have happened into time too.

The present time is calculated and arranged by the man itself but doesn't take into consideration the movement of the moon.

During the transformations at first the time will change and it will be calculated by the lunar cycles so as it was some time and the long of day will change radically.

Earth will get a new sun. It doesn't mean that it has been created somewhere here, but Earth will rise at his new energy towards the new sun and this new sun will cause to take into use a new energy. This sun, solar system, has been existed at the same time as the present one. There is only a difference between frequencies that separates us from it.

During transformations frequency of planet will rise, so that it will rise to the closeness of the new solar system and join up with it, so that people may see its existence.

The present sun doesn't disappear anywhere, it will remain with the other planets and Earth still belongs into this system.

For a long time the Earth had deceptive reigner who has been removed during those transformations.

Now positive leaders come in place of and this exploiter of people has been removed.

People's wrong courses of action and ideas have been connected with this and caused by false information too.

The manner of thought of people had been modified to the direction of insurrection and materiality.

When transformations have been finished both people's mind and thought will be free and after the predetermined transformation people's thinking will be clearer and brighter.

Present mental efficiency had affected people's behaviour. For this reason the connection between the cosmos had been broken because have not desire negativity of Earth people and their unclear closeness to other planets.

After removing the reigner of planet, contacts with the rest of universe and other worlds will be established.

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