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Time Of Transformations On Earth

There is confusion on the Earth, people rise up against people.

This means that humanity turns against itself.

Saying that people are against people doesnít necessarily mean wars are occurring.

Prophets says that this opposition of mind express itself in the family circle too and the result is that stress is everywhere. A cursory look that people are at loggerheads with one another for no good reason so said rational explanation.

These conditions are all connected with the purification of Earth. The burden of negativity is difficult for people and unprotected people are affected by this. During this purification negativity spurt out from the human.

Energy will be changed: old, heavy, squalid energy will be removed. Negativity originated through people and through people it will be remove.

Conflicts between people and contamination of the Earth are the same negativity. When negativity removed people perceive this. Transformation affect Earth and purge the surface, bodies of water and people through astral plane.

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