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Selection Of The Free Will

In the beginning when God created man, there was no 'karma'.

The Fall into sin caused this.

Karma means to make intentionally false decision by use man's free will.

Sons and daughters of the fallen Adam established contacts with original inhabitants of Earth and bound up karma with them. Those original beings were clean in their evolution and they shared in the mistakes of the sons of Adam.

Karma means that kind of decision of free will what is another than the will of God.

Reincarnation and karma commit one another but not entirely, because reincarnation is voluntary also when doesn't have karma.

Reincarnated human or got voluntary into human, live either bind with karma or learn lessons.

Also make up karma is voluntary, but don't made this still, reincarnation remains.

Also life on lower planes has reincarnation.

To get free from planes is to pay off karmic debts.

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